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Raya is an extraordinary actress and a singer whose career started in the legendary theatre of Romen in 1950s. Raya moved to Moscow and became one of its leading actresses. In 1967 she moved to Norway where she embarked upon her international career. She recorded a number of albums, went on tours throughout Europe and was also heavily engaged in the protection of human rights. Thanks to her career, she was even elected a member of the parliament of the International Roma Union. At this festival she will perform with the accompaniment of her “family” band Les Tziganes Ivanovitch, members of which come from Norway and France and are very successful musicians (e.g. Natasha – the dancer of the band did the choreography for the Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour). Four members of the  Bielenberg family will play in this band (Raya – vocals, Natasha – dance, Nikak – guitar, vocals, Aleco – guitar, vocals), Petro Ivanovitch (balalaika, vocals)).


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Contacts Booking: in Paris - 33 6 10 05 45 26; in Moscow - 8 925 006 32 66.